Cubase 5 - New Features

5. Beat-It
New step-based MIDI plug-in for designing drum patterns

Beat Designer is a MIDI plug-in for programming drum patterns like a step-sequencer. A step sequencer offers a different approach to drum editing. In our existing drum editor you need a more or less concrete idea about what you want to do. If you are not used to this kind of editing or have not yet developed an idea how the drums should sound or have no experience/possibility to play your drums with a midi instrument it's kind of a problem to create a drum track from scratch. To use a step sequencer for drum programming is more intuitive and it's easier to experiment with new beats. Pattern based editing is an area for which a step sequencer would be better suited than the drum editor. Especially in drum editing patterns play an important role and a step sequencer could be advantageous for the workflow of people who normally do drum editing based on drum patterns.

  • MIDI Plug-in for drum-step-sequencing
  • Easy yet mighty editing features
  • Drag & Drop of patterns to Project window
  • Live and Pattern Trigger mode"
  • New preset type "Pattern Bank" (in MediaBay)
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